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Observer: 212 Rally Format is a Way to Encounter Conspiracy


Observer: 212 Rally Format is a Way to Encounter Conspiracy

Muslimtoday.net – Terrorism observer, Harits Abu Ulya, stated that the super peaceful rally format on December 2 is convinced as a way to aleniate the groups that incline to commit conspiracy and terror. Harits belives that the aleniation of agitator is one of the positive aspect of conducting this 212 rally format which will be took place on the National Monument (Monas).

Furthermore, the current format will facilitate the joint apparatus personnel to secure the area in order to succeed the holding demonstration. “Rally in Monas can channel the Muslim movement and will ease to manage any dynamic turbulance, so that the mass movement won’t spill without control.” Harits stated to Republika.co.id, Tuesday (29/11).

Harits infers if the government objects to stop the rally, it means that the bureaucracy allows public particularly Muslim community, as the intechange, to do anything without any control.

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“Something shouldn’t be forgotten from 212 rally, in whatever the format will be, the substantial core of the gather is to bring justice for the accused blasphemy “Ahok” to be arrested and jailed soon,” argued by the Director of the Community of Ideolo Ideological Islamic Analyst (CIIA).

He further stated that if the format of 212 rally diverts the mass concentration from its substantial goal, it will be a great loss to Muslim community movement. However, something should be highlighted, said Harits, by the government is the message delivered from the peaceful rally itself.

“Not the conversely reaction, namely by showing appreciation and welcome to give space for protest in prior, but then asking people’s compensation to become super-tolerant to the legal criminal process of the accused blasphemy Ahok”, he said

As the matter of fact, Harits pointed out that Muslims basically uncovered that the process in the prosecutor’s office and the courts potentially develop to be bias for stalling its process and the time.

Source: http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/politik/16/11/29/ohekjg354-pengamat-format-aksi-212-bisa-mencegah-hasrat-makar

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